The University of Iowa John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center (Iowa JPEC) has been nationally recognized for its campus wide education and life-long learning programs. By supporting our center, you are helping students to develop their entrepreneurial mindset, participate in real-world learning experiences, and begin on a path to pursue their passion.  In addition, innovators seeking to launch companies during their time at the University of Iowa are supported through our comprehensive student venture programs. It is because of the support of our generous donors that we are able to guide thousands of students each year to reach their full potential by following their dreams.

With two unique ways to give, your donation can be focused on helping students achieve academic excellence or starting their own business. Not sure which path to choose? Contact us for help on how to guide your giving.


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Ariana Smith

Entrepreurship Scholarship Recipient

"Receiving Iowa JPEC scholarships has allowed me to engage with my community, study abroad, and focus on my academics. The true impact of these scholarships reaches beyond my experience in the classroom, as they allowed me to be able to pursue experiential opportunities around campus that helped me build a strong foundation for my future."

Matt Rooda

CEO, Founder, SwineTech

"Iowa JPEC has played a critical role in the development of SwineTech. They have supported us through education and training, mentoring, and connections with outside professionals and resources. This assistance helped us win over $300,000 in UI, state and national business competitions; as well as raise private funds from investors. The support provided by Iowa JPEC and its donors has been fundamental in helping us achieve success and will never be forgotten."

Suggested areas to support


Your gift will help students...

  • Prepare for career success through specialized leadership and soft-skill development programs

GUIDING SPONSOR [$1,000 - $5,000]
Your gift will help students...

  • Finance their education through academic scholarships
  • Engage in international social entrepreneurship experiences
  • Participate in professional trips to U.S. cities to engage with alumni and to learn about potential career opportunities

PRINCIPLE SPONSOR [$5,000 - $10,000]
Your gift will help students...

  • Finance their education through academic scholarships
  • Build relationships with mentors to enhance professional and personal development
  • Gain experience by participating in interdisciplinary programs to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems


Your gift will help students...

  • Travel to compete in national competitions  
  • Develop prototypes and minimal viable products for their innovations

SEED SPONSOR [$1,000 - $5,000]
Your gift will help students...

  • Bring their ideas to life through university wide ideation events and elevator pitch competitions  
  • Gain access to professional office space and resources at the Bedell Learning Laboratory
  • Collaborate through cross-campus programs to develop and commercialize advanced technology products and devices

ANGEL SPONSOR [$5,000 - $10,000]
Your gift will help students...

  • Participate in accelerator programs to drive the startup process and increase their chance for success
  • Fund and grow their business through advanced business model competition awards and prizes
  • Gain access to key mentors with knowledge of best practices in how to start and grow companies

Sponsor benefits include...

  • Naming opportunities to support campus wide innovative educational programs such as: Iowa Startup Games, Startup Accelerator or Business Model Competitions
  • Ability to establish seed funds to invest in high potential student startups


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John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center
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