Explore our student businesses

Housed in the 10,000 square-foot Bedell Entrepreneurial Learning Laboratory (BELL), the Founders Club is an on-campus business incubator for UI student entrepreneurs pursuing the creation of a startup. Members of the Founders Club have access to many resources, including office space, access to funding opportunities, and one-on-one mentoring from successful business professionals. Below is a list of student businesses currently participating in the Founders Club Program.

Blane Schneider

Schneider Custom Designs creates furniture and accessories using colorful epoxy and locally sourced oak, cherry and walnut, highlighting the natural character of wood.

Audrey Felderman

Sips is a nonprofit that seeks to alleviate the amount of food waste and food insecurity in Johnson County, Iowa.

Nicholas Dusold

SolarPonix is a 100% sustainably sourced, organic hydroponic strawberry growing company seeking to innovate within the hydroponic sphere.

Michael Penniman, Peter Easler, Jacob Newcomb

Students Care is a non-profit focused on improving the lives of college students with disabilities.

Ramya Kolusu

Sugar Fiend Sweets provides small batch homemade ice cream, baked goods, and sweets using seasonal ingredients and limited edition flavors.

Austin McCulloh, Yanming Lu

Supercorn Tutoring pairs United States native English speakers with students from China to help remove language barriers to academic and career achievement.

Keri McKewen

App for the flind/visually impaired.  An app that has google maps linked to it and gives some feedback to the navigation cane.

Nicole Relias

Underdog Products is the originator of Skunk Aid, an all-in-one de-skunking kit that provides pet owners with everything needed to remove skunk oil from their dog.

Mahdi Eghbali, William Braverman, Vahid Khalajzadeh

Verdilife sustainably transforms wood waste into wood vinegar; an all-natural organic agricultural product widely used in Europe and Australia.

Carter Coppinger

An online website with a sleek, secure, and easy to use design that allows users to place their social media account login information into the website, and be given a fully personalized report that flags and allows users to delete any harmful social media posts.