Explore our student businesses

Housed in the 10,000 square-foot Bedell Entrepreneurial Learning Laboratory (BELL), the Founders Club is an on-campus business incubator for UI student entrepreneurs pursuing the creation of a startup. Members of the Founders Club have access to many resources, including office space, access to funding opportunities, and one-on-one mentoring from successful business professionals. Below is a list of student businesses currently participating in the Founders Club Program.

Eric Brosch

A new chemical additive for flower preservation mixes that keeps flowers looking fresh for up to a week longer than current methods.

Erika Law, Sabrina Luongvan

FoodCents teaches children the importance of nutrition and healthy eating in an engaging and entertaining manner.

Shamira J. Rothmiller

Innovative sporting equipment product engineered to specifically assist Track and Field throwers.

Justin Dwyer

Developing a high school financial literacy curriculum that implements gamification.

Jade Peterson

Funny Nuggets is the Comedy Clubhouse for Kids! They bring their interactive program and entertaining cast into existing facilities such as schools, churches, and recreation centers to put on a pop-up comedy experience for kids while giving parents a break. 

Sabra Mitchell

Unisex clothing brand with a vintage feel. The company’s products will be branded as works of art, not just something to be worn.

Jacob Jones, Souhit Varre, Sean Diehl

Get to Know Me is a secure, private platform that solves the issue of the time and frustration it takes for patients to retell their story and experiences when changing therapists.

Matt Nicholson

Expert, luxury automotive detailing.  This includes, washing, drying, and protecting the exterior of automobiles, as well as vacuuming, stain removal, and cleaning interior surfaces. 

Daniel Machlab

Graze Analytics is a math tutoring company that employs University of Iowa students to teach local middle school and high school students.

Connor Harris

Creates e-commerce stores on Shopify, Amazon, and Wordpress.

Haley Jensen, Norm Althoff, Matt Lewis, Kyle Folken

HeadsIn is a mobile application that will help coaches and program directors monitor and track the mental health of student-athletes through a secure survey system.