Explore our student businesses

Housed in the 10,000 square-foot Bedell Entrepreneurial Learning Laboratory (BELL), the Founders Club is an on-campus business incubator for UI student entrepreneurs pursuing the creation of a startup. Members of the Founders Club have access to many resources, including office space, access to funding opportunities, and one-on-one mentoring from successful business professionals. Below is a list of student businesses currently participating in the Founders Club Program.

Nathan Rosenberg

A multimedia platform with the vision of empowering a generation of dreamers. The current foundations of 4044 are a clothing brand, hosting events, and creating content to facilitate the growth of local culture.

Ryan Toth, Blake Whitten, Taylor Wulfekuhle

Aelieve is a full service digital marketing company that prides itself on cutting edge technology, a passion for innovation, and affordable digital marketing solutions.

Jennifer McCarron

Providing students and faculty with opportunities to have an indoor area to play with their dogs.  This way pets can play that cannot endure humidity, rain, or cold winters outside.

Brandon Williams

Asonus Tech is creating a device that allows those with hearing impairments to regain some of their sense back.

Michael Westphal, Zach Combs, Kyle Lastine, John Tian, Myles Hebets

RFID wristband that helps improve the standards of living for patients in assisted living communities, specifically those focused on neurogeneattive illnesses, by increasing their autonomy and privacy through a smart door-locking system and decreasing the time nurses spend redirecting patients to the correct locations.

Caleb Marting

Avarupt has developed speakers that synchronize the RGB light spectrum with sound to create a unique, programmable room environment for the video gaming community.

Sloan Hoover

A seasonal subscription box full of products that have been scientifically proven to benefit and help provide relief in symptoms for many mental illnesses.

Calvin Greenberg

A local brewery that plans to supply local businesses with kegs.  Eventually building enough capital to open our own location.

John Raymundo

An investment app and algorithmic trading platform that gives everyday people access and ease of use of complex trading and investment algorithms giving people the power of a hedge fund.