The Team

Nick Eltjes
Entrepreneurial Management – Spring 2021
Noah Loffredo
BA Finance – Spring 2021

About the business

TradeLabs is working to increase stock market education and exposure among students through the use of technology and collaboration. With a range of services such as educational content and simulated stock trading, they are mainly focused on college investment clubs beginning with HawkTrade, here at the University of Iowa. In the year of 2018, TradeLabs was awarded 3rd Place at both the Rose Francis Pitch Competition and an IdeaStorm. In addition, TradeLabs was promoted to Elite Member status in the Founder's Club after receiving seed funding from Nick's father, Scott Eltjes (CEO of BTC Capital Management). 


About the founders

After a few years of trading in the stock market, lifelong friends Nick Eltjes (Entrepreneurial Management, 2021) and Noah Loffredo (Entrepreneurial Management, 2021) founded TradeLabs in August of 2018. With a passion in technology, finance and entrepreneurship, both founders have been exploring business opportunities since freshman year at Norwalk High School, and continue to do so currently. Specifically, Nick will continue gaining experience in software development through summer internships while Noah participates in the Hawkeye Startup Accelerator program. In addition, the duo hope to create an asset-management firm after graduation while continuing work with TradeLabs.


#212 at the BELL (322 N. Clinton Street, Iowa City)