Mobile Medics

Student Entrepreneur

Tim Peiffer
Economics, Spring 2019

About the business

Mobile Medics is a small device repair service catering to the needs of students and faculty on The University of Iowa campus. Mobile Medics provides small device repair solutions in comfortable campus settings such as the Iowa Memorial Union, John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center, Main Library, Campus Recreational and Wellness Center, and Seamans Center. Their services stand out due to its fast turnaround rate, inexpensive cost and superb customer service. The best part about their service is that students without transportation can have a means to getting their devices repaired without needing to travel after class.

About the founder

Tim is a resident of Downers Grove, IL and founded Mobile Medics in fall of 2017 after realizing the high demand in local small device repair at the University of Iowa. After working at a repair shop over the summer of 2017, Tim brought his knowledge in small device repair to campus providing repair solutions to his friends. Once word of mouth spread, Tim became extremely busy repairing devices, ultimately leading to the decision to seek out help and establish Mobile Medics as a business. When Tim is not fixing phones he enjoys spending time with family and friends, snowboarding, hunting, fishing and spending time on the water.


125 N. Madison St Iowa City, IA 52245