March 28 - 29, 2018
open to college students

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March 21, 2018

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BMC, or Business Model Competition, allows students to present their business to judges who are experienced entrepreneurs outside the University of Iowa for the opportunity to win seed funding for their business. All students enrolled in at least 6 s.h. and in pursuit of a four year degree at an Iowa college with a Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center are eligible to participate. These colleges include: the University of Iowa, Iowa State University, University of Northern Iowa, Drake University, and North Iowa Area Community College. This competition is held every spring, and awards a total of $45,000 in cash prizes annually.

Participants will present an eight minute long  PowerPoint presentation with a completed Business Model Canvas and financial projections to a panel of judges. The presentation will be followed by four minutes of questions from the judges. The judges and the competition coordinator will be the only people in the room with the presenters. There are two days of competition. Both days include an eight minute pitch and a four minute Q&A time.

  • Day 1: Early Stage Companies- Open to all students at the University of Iowa who are serious about starting a company, but are pre-revenue and have not won $1,000 or more in previous competitions. The winner of Day 1 will move forward to compete in Day 2.
  • Day 2: Advanced Companies- Open to companies with revenue, companies with $1,000 or more in competition winnings, IMIG companies, and student companies from Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Centers outside the University of Iowa, are eligible to compete on Day 2. This day serves as the qualifier for the International Business Model Competition and Pappajohn Business Competition.

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