IdeaStorm Fall 2020 Winners 

IdeaStorm is an entry level pitch competition across the University of Iowa’s campus that encourages students to share their innovative ideas with others, all while familiarizing themselves with the pitching process. Students submitted a 1-2 video describing the problem they see and how they plan to solve it.  A panel of judges reviewed these videos and selected the winners for each category.  Find the winners for each category below.

In addition to cash prizes awarded by the judges, the top ideas are eligible to win a People's Choice award. Take a look at the winners' videos below and vote for your favorite by clicking the link under each category! You may only vote once per category.
People's Choice Winners will be announced on Friday, October 30!
health initiatives

Health Initiatives Winners

Competition focuses on new solutions to healthcare problems. Ideas may focus on a variety of aspects of healthcare, including mental health, dentistry, pharmacy, patient experiences, health outcomes, medical devices, public health and more. Congratulations to the finalists!

  • 1st Place, $500 | Marissa Mueller (Biomedical Engineering) | Watch Pitch 
  • Applying plasmapheresis to gene therapy
  • 2nd Place, $400 | Kelsey Dawes (Molecular Medicine) | Watch Pitch 
  • Diabetes Screening Test
  • 3rd Place, $300 | Matt Fuelberth (Health and Human Physiology) | Watch Pitch 
  • Tinnitus Therapy App
  • Honorable Mention, $200 | Kailey Fellner (Biomedical Engineering) | Watch Pitch 
  • COVID Protective Barriers
  • Honorable Mention, $200 | Abhismitha Ramesh (Epidemiology) | Watch Pitch 
  • Pregnancy Support Network

People's Choice, $150 | Kailey Fellner | COVID Protective Barriers

creative concepts

Creative Concepts Winners

Competition focuses on sharing new ideas within the world of art. Ideas may focus on a variety of creative mediums such as fine arts, fashion, music, history, literature and more. 

  • 1st Place, $500 | Alex Fox (Printmaking) | Watch Pitch 
  • 3D Makeup Application Model
  • 2nd Place, $400 | Cay Warner (Art and Art History) | Watch Pitch 
  • Social Gaming App
  • 3rd Place, $300 | Sydney Sears (Graphic Design) | Watch Pitch 
  • Elementary Student Music Service
  • Honorable Mention, $200 | Emily Kula (Art) | Watch Pitch 
  • Kids Art Subscription Box
  • Honorable Mention, $200 | Calli Everett (Art and Communication Studies) | Watch Pitch 
  • University Art Scavenger Hunt

People's Choice, $150 | Calli Everett | University Art Scavenger Hunt

common good

Common Good Winners

Competition focuses on making the world a better and more sustainable place. Ideas maybe connected to eco-friendly, sustainability, social justice, crisis management, natural disaster solutions, and much more.

  • 1st Place, $500 | Abby Rice (Communication Sciences and Disorders) | Watch Pitch 
  • Open Source Food Distribution
  • 2nd Place, $400 | Sarah Schlosser (Book Studies) | Watch Pitch 
  • Child Care Matching Service
  • 3rd Place, $300 | Michael Dankanich (Economics) | Watch Pitch 
  • Receipt App
  • Honorable Mention, $200 | Mitchell Kabenda  (Global Health Studies) | Watch Pitch 
  • Organic Skin and Haircare
  • Honorable Mention, $200 | Thomas Bruno (Engineering) | Watch Pitch 
  • Air Blowing Device

People's Choice, $150 | Abby Rice | Open Source Food Distribution

consumer solutions

Consumer Solutions Winners

Competition focuses on innovative solutions to everyday problems. The range for this competition is wide, and covers food products, household goods, living essentials, travel, technology and much more.

  • 1st Place, $500 | Emily Klingel  (Art) | Watch Pitch 
  • LGBTQ+ Social App
  • 2nd Place, $400 | Tyler Radcliff (Film and Video Production) | Watch Pitch 
  • Golf Social App
  • 3rd Place, $300 | Anna Fox (Interdepartmental Studies) | Watch Pitch 
  • Track My Goat
  • Honorable Mention, $200 | Olivia White  (Psychology and Enterprise Leadership) | Watch Pitch 
  • Bartender in a Box
  • Honorable Mention, $200 | Nicole Majerus (Human Physiology) | Watch Pitch 
  • Sheet Sleeve
  • Honorable Mention, $200 | Kristoff Poole (Management) | Watch Pitch 
  • Cricket Protein Powder

People's Choice, $150 | Olivia White | Bartender in a Box

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