IdeaStorm Spring 2021 Winners 

IdeaStorm is an entry level pitch competition across the University of Iowa’s campus that encourages students to share their innovative ideas with others, all while familiarizing themselves with the pitching process. Students submitted a 1-2 video describing the problem they see and how they plan to solve it.  A panel of judges reviewed these videos and selected the winners for each category.  Find the winners for each category below.

In addition to cash prizes awarded by the judges, the top ideas are eligible to win a People's Choice award. Take a look at the winners' videos below and vote for your favorite by clicking the link under each category! You may only vote once per category.
health initiatives

Health Initiatives Winners

Competition focuses on new solutions to healthcare problems. Ideas may focus on a variety of aspects of healthcare, including mental health, dentistry, pharmacy, patient experiences, health outcomes, medical devices, public health and more. Congratulations to the finalists!

1st Place, $500 | Smriti Barla (Business Analytics & Information Systems) | Watch Pitch 
Ride share for semi-emergent medical cases
2nd Place, $400 | Brandon Frey (Biomedical Engineering) | Watch Pitch 
Discreet patient waste draining solution
3rd Place, $350 | Erika Petersen (Music Therapy) | Watch Pitch 
Interactive website for student musicians to use as a resource to learn about their specific risks for hearing loss and preventative measures
4th Place, $250 | Lucinda Williamson (Biomedical Engineering) | Watch Pitch 
Adjustable fenders for children's wheelchairs
People's Choice | Brandon Frey (Biomedical Engineering)
Discreet patient waste draining solution

    creative concepts

    Creative Concepts Winners

    Competition focuses on sharing new ideas within the world of art. Ideas may focus on a variety of creative mediums such as fine arts, fashion, music, history, literature and more. 

    1st Place, $500 | Michael Noble (Graduate student, Intermedia & Sculpture) | Watch Pitch 
    Modular organizer that fits on top of art carts
    2nd Place, $400 | Aluna Olaniyi (Environmental Science) | Watch Pitch 
    Recycling system for art materials
    3rd Place, $350 | Katherine Westbrook (Communication Sciences and Disorders) | Watch Pitch 
    Programmable wallpaper
    4th Place, $250 | Michael Dankanich (BBA Economics) | Watch Pitch 
    Platform that facilitates the generation, transfer, and management of audio NFT tokens and files for artists
    People's Choice | Katherine Westbook (Communication Sciences and Disorders)
    Programmable wallpaper

    common good

    Common Good Winners

    Competition focuses on making the world a better and more sustainable place. Ideas maybe connected to eco-friendly, sustainability, social justice, crisis management, natural disaster solutions, and much more.

    1st Place (tie), $450 | Holli Farnum (Graphic Design) | Watch Pitch 
    An app that translates sign language
    1st Place (tie), $450 | Kristoff Poole | Watch Pitch 
    Sign language app
    2nd Place, $350 | Anika Dean (Graphic Design) | Watch Pitch 
    Social justice fashion show
    3rd Place, $250 | Kate Doolittle (Art and Informatics) | Watch Pitch 
    Collect textile waste from around the community and turn into sustainable stuffing
    People's Choice | Anika Dean (Graphic Design)
    Social justice fashion show

    consumer solutions

    Consumer Solutions Winners

    Competition focuses on innovative solutions to everyday problems. The range for this competition is wide, and covers food products, household goods, living essentials, travel, technology and much more.

    1st Place, $500 | Jennifer Mount (Biomedical Engineering) | Watch Pitch 
    Standing spatula
    2nd Place (tie), $350 | Mitch Baumgartner (Informatics) | Watch Pitch 
    Ladder sling
    2nd Place (tie), $350 | Paige Terronez (Art) | Watch Pitch 
    Windshield scraper with built in heating pad
    3rd Place, $300 | Josette VenHorst (Enterprise Leadership) | Watch Pitch 
    Animal food vending machine
    People's Choice | Jennifer Mount (Biomedical Engineering)
    Standing spatula

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