Iowa JPEC hosts many events throughout the year that are open to all University of Iowa students. To learn more about all upcoming events, visit our events page.

entrepreneurship students

Outside class activities

In order to develop professional networking skills and further advance your understanding of entrepreneurship, each student is required to attend two networking/community based events. 

Some require an RSVP, others do not as some events have space limitations. For events where RSVP’s are required, you may not be admitted without the RSVP given space limitations. If you would like to attend another outside event, please see your instructor for approval. Attending regularly-scheduled meetings of a student organization you are a member of do not count towards this requirement.

Additionally, you are expected to attend the entire event and show respect for the presenters and other audience members. Please pay attention, engage in the presentation and do not leave early—you’d be surprised what you will gain by actively listening and meeting new people versus just showing up and using your smartphone during the event.

  • 1 Million Cups (Start at 9am - RSVP Required - Space is limited, the RSVP form will be closed after 50 submissions)

    • Iowa City Dates: April 25 (location: Englert, space is unlimited this date only),  May 9

After the event:

Students are to submit a 500-word summary that includes the following:

  • What were three key takeaways from the presentation or event?
  • What did you hear or experience that challenged or surprised you?
  • What was most impactful (i.e. thing(s) that you will remember and benefit from while in college and as you start your career)?
  • What recommendations do you have to make the event more valuable for students and/or suggestions for future speakers or events?
  • List the names and contact information of at least three new people you met at the event and explain how they will fit into your network.

Check with your instructor on if they are offering extra credit for additional events or not.