Students that have officially declared the BBA in Management: Entrepreneurial Management Track, BA Enterprise Leadership, Entrepreneurial Management Certificate, Arts Entrepreneurship Certificate, Technological Entrepreneurship Certificate, or Media Entrepreneurialism Certificate are eligible to earn academic credit for their professional internship. The sample syllabus below provides details on the requirements to earn academic credit for a professional internship.

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Before seeking approval for academic credit, students are to:

  • Obtain an internship that provides the student with a professional work experience, preferably outside of the university, which relates to entrepreneurial management; internship description and duties might include: project management/team, business strategy, market research/analysis, operations management, market penetration/sales, and financial evaluation/forecasting.
  • Internship must provide student with an immersion experience in an entrepreneurial and/or business management environment and be at least 80% professional work.
  • Internship requires continuous supervision by a professional in the field (not a student).
  • Internship must be at least 8 weeks in the summer and 10 weeks during the semester
  • Workload requirements are as follows:
    • Three Credit Hours – minimum of 225 hours worked
    • Two Credit Hours – minimum of 150 hours worked
    • One Credit Hour – minimum of 75 hours worked
  • Student must be a sophomore or above (i.e. have completed at least 30 semester hours of college- level coursework) to enroll in the Academic Internship course.
  • The course may be repeated, but if with the same company, the student must be engaged in activities requiring a higher level accountability and responsibility than the previous internship; a total of 3 semester hours may be earned.
  • Students must have approval to register and register before starting the internship.Students cannot receive credit for past unregistered work experiences or internships.

To obtain approval for an academic internship, students should send the following information to Iowa JPEC Executive Director, David Hensley at

  • Name and brief description of company
  • Name, title, and contact information of company supervisor
  • Description of work to be completed during the internship, including learning objectives associated with the experience
  • Statement on how internship fits into student’s academic program of study/career goals.

Once approved, students will receive a code to register for academic credit.