Venture School Programs Overview

Venture School Programs Overview

Venture School is designed to accelerate the startup process while increasing your chance for success.

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What Venture School Program Is Right For Me?

The Venture School Program is designed to aid aspiring entrepreneurs in accelerating the startup process through real-world experimentation and valuable mentor feedback. The University of Iowa provides three Venture School options to best serve each entrepreneur whether they are a member of the community, a student, or a University of Iowa faculty member. Venture School for entrepreneurs is a 6-week program and is open to community members. For students, we offer the Student Accelerator Program which lasts for 8 weeks over the summer. The third option and latest addition to Venture School is the Faculty Innovators Program, a shortened, 4-week version of Venture School which serves as an introduction to the tech transfer process and a gateway for University faculty members to advance to the national level with the NSF I-Corps program.

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NSF Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) Curriculum
 – The state of Iowa’s ONLY I-Corps site –

Venture School instructors have attended the  National Science Foundation’s I-Corps  Lean LaunchPad training. This approach focuses on flipped classroom teaching, lean methodologies and customer discovery by utilizing Steve Blank’s resources.

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New! We are now running an online version of Venture School! More details coming soon!




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