Dev/Iowa Bootcamp

Dev/Iowa Bootcamp

Dev/Iowa Bootcamp is:

  • Intensive Training – 50 hours/week for 9 weeks. We set the bar high and pack a lot into a very short amount of time!
  • Flipped Classroom – means you get less lecture time and more hands-on application experience
  • Engaged Mentors – you will have plenty of 1:1 attention from mentors who can help you navigate through any problems that arise
  • Invest in yourself! – perfect for recent beginners, amateurs, people with prior experience and anyone motivated to learn

What you will learn:

The program is a nine week intensive training program created to turn you into a professional web developer. Designed and led by industry experts, the program and its curriculum will offer an unprecedented, hands on, immersive learning environment. Emphasizing fundamental web development skills  and industry practices this course is sure to offer the most efficient way to become a full-stack web developer; a skill-set heavily sought after by employers across the state and the rest of the world.

The Dev/Iowa Bootcamp will cover and apply important web development concepts and technologies, including:


  • Inner workings of the web: HTTP, DNS
  • Programing fundamentals
  • Finding solutions to technical problems


  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript programming


  • Backend development frameworks
  • Essential backend technologies including databases, API’s

Best Practices:

  • Agile Development
  • Version control & collaboration tools
  • Open Source

Next Bootcamp begins: June 2, 2014

Information Sessions
4/16 @ 6pm
4/18 @ 9am
Thinc, 122 E. Market St.

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